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You Suck

You Suck!!!!!












Juste énorme se jeu











Update alert 🚨

I just had the best update ever how about getting a thing where you can choose length levels from tiny to xl levels

Four stars for awesomeness

This game is awesome! I only wish that there was a wider variety of music for custom levels, but other than that I love the game.

When’s 2.2?

I’m serious it’s been 8 months since 2.11 GIVE US OUR 2.2 NOW


Just Exited 4 2.2. :DDDDDD

Awesome game 👍😁

I played the demo version for awhile now so yesterday I decided to buy the full version of the game I love this game 5 stars and I love the music keep up the good work 👍


Great game! It’s good because there are so many levels to play!

Good but not perfect

The game’s screen color is bad for your eyes , if it had an update it would be to make the screen color better.

Love it

I just love it- Shawn Jones

What happened

Did you guys forgot about 2.2 or you guys just gave up cause y’all need to hurry up I’ve been waiting over 7 months hurry the f**k up

I said meow

I don’t like the fact that I said meow is not in geo dash, but it’s a still a good game!!!!

Extreme good game

Good game

HAvk7gkyuer811hrlg@nek8prul8 ur-really

This game gave me depression.

To RobTop

Can you please update my son’s iPad for 2.11 to 2.2

Yes well done


Amazing Game!

Yes this game is really amazing! I have not seen any bugs or glitches in the system! This game is really fun. If your kid is begging for this game I can tell why. If you want to buy this game but don’t know if it is good i’m telling you this is really good Thank you Robert for creating this game it is really the most addicting game i have ever seen!

This Game Is Great

Im making this so I can get a character

Good and CS is good!!!!! (=


Love this game, but needs a full soundtrack

This game is great, no doubt, but it totally needs a full soundtrack! That is one of the reasons I keep listen 2 the music. So if the makers of this app can make a soundtrack, that would be great! Thanks!!

Auto save

Pls add it in for profiles so when you delete the game then redownload it and when you login to your profile’s progress will be there still

It’s good but one thing

There is this weird thing that when I try to play a level with a custom song I can’t here the song. Please fix this RubRub




I recommend this game


Amazing game! Will recommend

This game be good


Waiting too long for an update

The games great in all but the update 2.2 has been Holt back for too long. Not only has the game gotten boring, but there’s nothing new to it. No new levels. No new skins. No new nothing. It’s a great game if your new to it. But it gets boring the more you play it.

Good but needs more stuff

First off I want robtop to be smarter and feature levels who do I say this..... better because there are some cancerous levels that are FEATURED and vice I want an icon editor,it would be cool if you can make your own icons and sell them to the public,I see why this could be overused but it would be cool,also the tools are circle,square,triangle,draw,cut, and I want three new modes,there’re digger,slime, and gear,gear can jump but climb,in order to climb you need to jump on a wall,slime has 2 different possibilities grounding and bounding,grounding is left while bounding is right,there is a trigger that makes the slime can’t ground,and digger is well,digger but you hold to go dig under obstacles but not too deep,and finally a background and ground change trigger,this just speaks for itself but I’m gonna explain,in order to use it you need to go to edit object and pick the background/ground you want to change,you can change colors too cuz why not,and those are the things I MOSTLY want make sure to add them into 2.2 also cheat codes like unlocking ALL the icons in the game or get infinite orbs or diamonds,get like 50 secret coins and user coins,all icons 134529,infinite diamonds and coins 787878, 50 secret coins 739023,50 user coins 4231567890.

Backup Fail

The progress backup feature really helped me before in life, but now it doesn’t work for some reason. I tried it multiple times, I tried loading from my last backup, and then I lost a lot of levels... I tried again, and it didn’t work. I just would like if this could be fixed... :(

A Great Game

Geometry dash is a great game There is levels to complete and get rewards from

Great Game, but...

2.2 is taking SO LONG to release that I think I might die before it comes out. 2.11 was just to stall the process and make us wait longer. Please, we need 2.2 and the new modes and stuff. RELEASE IT PLZ!

Amazing Game!

This is an awesome game! I have been playing for a long time and I’m working on deadlocked!


When I have full version of geometry dash the other geometry dash games said you need the full version


My children like to play it


Great and addictive!

This is a great game


2.2 ideas

When will 2.2 come out? When it does add these please Make your own cube Vine mode 3 portal (3 icons on screen) 5x speed 6x speed 7x speed Black pad Green pad Purple pad (2x jump power of red) Purple orb (same as purple pad but orb’ New level : name - bloodbath v2 Insane demon 40 gold coins to unlock


I can’t login

Fun, if you are good.

Ok. Lets start off saying that this game is OK. It is addicting. But only if you are good. I have been playing for a year, I play approximately three times a week. I have not even unlocked clubstep. Sure, I can beat stereo madness, base after base, dry out, polargueist ect. But that’s about it. There are no levels that I can beat that are actually fun. There are hardly any levels that are made by the community that I can beat that give me orbs. C’mon rob top, you have a huge audience, and you probably think, “We don’t care about u noobs. We have plenty of GOOD people that play.” There are people that aren’t as good. You come up with these extremely dumb, boring levels that we can beat. Why not add a moderately easy level that is fun? Also, about the featuring. How come some levels are absolute trash get featured? Like for example, Level Easy. This game has a long way to go in order to be actually fun for us noobs, robtop please listen.

Great Game!

Geometry Dash is a 10/10 game to me. It has a lot of very cool things like the songs (Deadlocked, Club Step and XStep), I also like the gauntlets. My only problem with the game is the wait for updates. 2.2 still hasn't come out in over a year and a half compared to 2.1 coming out on January 17/18th 2017 and 2.2 with no set release date as of July 12th 2018. Overall Geometry Dash is a awesome video game on mobile devices and Steam, but the wait for updates is getting longer and longer and that is a bad thing for the game.


My custom stage “random Sandom” IS KILLIN IT! Because of your options to make custom levels! Amazing! If I where to rate it it would be 99999999999999999,9999999999999999999999,9999999999999999999999,999999999999999,9999999.5mk+ stars! I was amazing! GET THE APP.

Good, but...

It is good overall, because it is awesome and you can build levels with cool blocks and triggers. But, in the description it does not tell me when the next update is: version 2.2 WHY!!!!!😡😡😡😡😤😤. And WHY CAN YOU OVERDECORATE IS DOES NOT LOOK RIGHT WITH THE CHARACTER WHY!!!!!!!!!!!😤😤😤😡😡😡😡👎🏻. WORK ON THE LEVEL EDITOR!!! AND THE DESCRIPTION FOR THE NEXT UPDATE!!!! But I thing it is good.



Hexagon Force is too hard

I can’t beat the level because at 30% I have to jump on slanted platforms that only allow me to pass 50% of the time. That part is luck based. Also the Ball part where there are duel balls is too hard. I can’t concentrate on both the bottom and the top. Great game but hexagon force has to updated so that it is a bit easier.


This is the best game ever it’s so much fun and it’s better than fortnite I have lots of fun making levels but one problem when ever I die I start so can you add checkpoints to the game



Great game

dis fun

This game rocks

Worth every cent just buy it

Extremely satisfying!

Great game frustrating but great!

Great game but bugs

It’s not deadlocked it’s buglocked


It’s not worth the money

Love It

This game is amazing and it’s fun but also hard I give this a five star rating because I think that robtop put a lot of work into this Thanks robtop From Julian

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