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The Best Game In The World - by Ditho Trava

Howdy! I’m Ditho Trava (YouTube)! I’ve played Geometry Dash for years and it has been and is an awesome game - not only is it awesome, but it’s the best game in the world! On my YouTube channel - I have uploaded Geometry Dash levels!

Its good, but...



The game is awesome and cool it’s so fun and rad :)

I like it.

Very addicting👍

Not that bad

Sometimes I get stressed out when I can’t complete levels

Only game iplay😃😃😃😃😃😃

I love this game I play it at schools at home basically anywhere

By :The Dude

I love this game i like the characters I'm good at Stereo madness. Can you please change Stereo madness it is easy and I think you should put some interesting LeveL

Good game but...

No doubt, this is a VERY good game. But there is this problem with it that I REALLY cannot stand. When I’m in the editor making a level that might even be feature worthy (wink wink ;)) It sometimes literally cuts the entire frame rate in HALF. I hate when this happens and the only way to fix it is to close the game, wait for a little bit, and then open the game again. And i might lose data in the level. So RubRub if you can fix this than I would highly appreciate it. Besides all that I just said great game and hope you get less of these in the future. Bye 8)


Dumb but sometimes fun


Completely epic I’m speechless


Ok so first let me say I linked my iPad account to my computer my account was skillk and guess what?IT SAVED NOTHING BUT THE NAME PLEASe FIX I AM SO MAD! 4 stars



Watch your levels!

Geometry Dash is a great game and i recommend you download it, But you should watch out for your levels, see if any kids will rage at that level because a lot of kids do rage at most games.


I love how you have editing and all that, but START MAKING MORE LEVELS! It’s been MORE THAN A YEAR since your last level came out and you just make these other crappy levels and apps, like Meltdown, World, and SubZero. And I thought your next level was going to come out FOUR MONTHS AGO! And I really want to try the new objects and triggers in level editing, like moving the camera. My friends and I used to play it 24-7, but now I’m one of the only ones to are still waiting. Please stop creating these stupid GD add-on apps and BRING MORE LEVELS 👍🏻

2.11 UPDATE!!

This game is the best app ever!!! And new icons!


This game is super addicted and fun. The music is fantastic and just playing this game makes me ecstatic. Anyone who wants a fun game to play should definitely download this!

Good but

The game is my number 1 you r aloud to make your own level and I do that a lot also the new levels such as fingerdaah, deadlocked, theory of everything 2. And there is so many lvls it seems like infinity. Like my favorites by other creators then u have demons, Bossfights. I luv them if there is bc lvls that cuss, talk about some bad things then move on go to another lvl YEAH GD IS DA BEST EVERONE LIKES IT



I love geometry dash

This game is so awesome thanks to Rub Rub

Great game

This is an amazing game. However, I have seen so many negative reviews. Some, like the “difficulty” reviews, are easy to solve. Just get GD world, meltdown, or sub zero. Then there’s the “bug” reviews. Maybe, you need the latest iOS update or a newer device. Now for my main review. This game is soothingly frustrating. Without the music, you cannot beat the levels.


People, like Sea1997, say that we live in a toxic community. WELL SCREW YOU. U DED!!!!!!!! This game is fun and adds to fun in music THE definition of AWESOME!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

best game ever made

2 years ago I bought this game because it was recommended by a friend. I didn't think the game would be fun but let me assure you this game is AMAZING. I HIGHLY recommend this game as long as you have the dedication.

Best game ever!

This game is so fun! YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS GAME!It is so awesome 😎.

Good but

Back in 2.2 you had reverse orbs but I don’t see them any more can you bring them back

Good for killing time

that’s about it

Best game ever

The game is good


Very good game

Very good

An oldie but a goodie And the best part is NO ADS!

Like it!

This Game is cool!!!!!!!!


This game is great!! You can play other peoples levels, flee the monster, and beat cauntlets, on top of the level editor and robtop levels! Great game!

FUN GAME but....

This is a fun game to kill time, yes their are bugs in the game itself and the levels. For the average user that does a few attempts and calls it a day you should get the lite. If you come from the lite version you have to put time, patience and practice to unlock the full potential. Ohh and by the way the updates aren’t frequent =] P.s You need a lot patience to really enjoy this game


Good game but should add three seconds before resuming into a level


This game was just so awesome from the start, you could make you're own level and even just play other people's levels. But the greatest part........ THE MUSIC IN THE LEVELS, they have really good music they made their selves. Anyways I don't want this to be too long so for now chow, peace, GOOOOOOOD BYE

10 out of freaking 10

I've been playing GD (geometry dash) for about 2 months and a half, and honestly, it has been a big pleasure. 1. First of all, your able to make 3D blocks, and sculptures (whatever). But what's really fascinating is that you can make anything. You could make an animation, you could make a hard level, you could even make a glitch showcasing level! P.S. Please don't remove the glitches *-* 2. Though the levels are hard, they actually are oddly satisfying. On time machine I have 79% and the level is pretty frustrating, but it's super fun! One day I'll beat you fingerdash.. 3. Finally, the story in the game. You can interact with funny A.I. like that demon looking guy from the chamber of secrets. And you even unleash a monster or demon or..whatever that thing is (which I have not yet unlocked ;-;) So overall RobTop, this gameplay has been amazing! P.S. Why is time machine so hard?

jesus christ

robtop is starting to look worse than gameloft, at least update something

Love it

Found it on the PC and loved it. Found it on here love it more.


I have been waiting 3 months for 2.2 and it still hasn’t come out yet.


This is a challenged based game improving reaction time. Very fun and great too.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge

Please read

Ok before I say anything it’s good but I just realized how many hackers get on the leaderboard and they dont get banned


Good 5/5 but i cant do code breaker in the vault of secrets pls make it slower :( its to fast for me to right down! :( but otherwise the game is AMAZING but pls make the cod3breaker code in vault of secrets slower please :(

Great Game!

I think geometry dash is an amazing use of 2 dollars, its an extremely fun tapping game and an amazing game overall!

Level 15

What is the name of lolly 15 probably 1.1% can pronounce it


This is a great game. I’ve been playing it since I was 4 yrs. old. But, when is 2.2 coming out? We’ve been waiting so long! Plz respond. Thx RubRub

I love it!!

Eddiction has taken over in this game

Add 2.2 already!

The game is very good with creating levels and all that other stuff, but Doesn’t everyone want better gameplay, I already know the update, and I like the side jumping, so add the update already!


I was playing gd and I went between the teleport portal and two spikes, and got teleported out the level and died in the abyss, I still give the game a big fat FIVE STARS. p.s. I found the outer part of theory of everything......

Not working!

Geometry dash used to work well and everything was fine but all of a sudden it didn’t work so I reset my device but then it still won’t work please fix this problem thx.

Amazing mobile game but recommended for steam

I love this game. I beat almost all of the levels so far. But I do recommend that if you don't want to practice for at least a year to get good, then this is not the best game for you. There is one issue. When I download a custom song, sometimes it doesn’t play no matter what I do. I check music vol. I check if my phone is on silent. And I even delete and reinstall the song. Nothing works. Please fix this bug in 2.2 and it would be greatly appreciated. Another issue is the lag. I have an iPhone 5s. Which was the newest phone when this game came out. But all of a sudden it lags like crazy. It used to lag on just finger dash. But then it slowly started lagging on more levels and now it lags on every level. Even stereo madness. If you have anything older than an iPhone 6. Don’t buy this game. Also servers are down. Checked my safari, works. Please fix the servers P.S. I totally understand about 2.2 not coming out with loads of hate and pressure. I hope it does come out soon.

Where’s 2.2 I have been waiting

RubRub pleez giv us 2.2

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