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You Suck

You Suck!!!!!












Juste énorme se jeu











Bug report 🕷

When I try to download a song (and this doesn’t happen with them all) it’s like it instantly downloads but when it does the song doesn’t play! This is getting weird... It didn’t start until recently. Idk what this is but please fix it Rob.

Best game ever

Best game ever that's all I have to say!

Update plz

We have all been waiting for a new update for almost a year. Plz update thank you

One problem

Robtop I have been playing for a long time but the updates take to long to come.Another problem is it is WAY to hard to make a account like sometimes it say email already in use and I’m like this is my email!Nobody has the same email as me!! ( well probably)Plus I want to tell you things that you should add:backwards dashorb death orb and that is all!!Keep up the good work!👍Note for you: I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

Needs massive improvements

I am a creator. When I play this game I think it’s awsome. But, when I play sub zero, there are things in a free version of this game that aren’t in the full version. Example, in the levels, it zooms in and out. In power trip, you reverse I. A weird way. I want it in the game. Once you play all the main levels in practice, you’ve seen it all. Then, you play the new free version of this, you realize or top no longer cares about this game.

Love it but...

I love geometry dash but sometimes it doesn’t sense my taps. It is wonderful game but so frustrating. I always die at 98% ._.



Great game


Love it

Great game for people who are looking for a challenge

Really fun but...

I’ve played this game for 2 and a half years now, and have only witnessed one update. I joined right after 2.0 came out, and then 1 year later, 2.1 came out, which is already a REALLY long time. Now 2.11 came out a few months after 2.1, but that only added, new skins, and created weekly demons. It has now been 1.5 YEARS, since we’ve had any kind of actual update. And the way its going, I believe that this game will die out about a year after 2.2, and there will ultimately be no more updates. Now this is just my assumption, but who knows. This is a really great game, with so many user created levels to beat, but eventually it just gets boring. I would play Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash Subzero and really getting to play the game and enjoy it before you buy it. Also, quick tip, Geometry Dash Subzero is a preview to 2.2, and has not been implemented as of September 20th, 2018, and has existed for about a year. Good luck and have fun. ;)


Dev don't care about the game anymore and its been 3 years and I'm waiting for a small update


I have all the geometry dash games, And they are AMAZING! Keep up the good work RubRub! P.S. Can’t wait for new soundtracks! I love em!

It’s a good app

They can be frustrating at times but is awesome and I love all the levels and it’s all different



More updates

The game is great but more updates I know there's already updates but I want more

Pretty great game with overall fun gameplay. Fantastic music and great look to the game.

Problem best game ever for the music,gameplay, and characters.

Good game

U may think that this game is hard in the beginning but if u get better at it u will start having fun

Best game about music!

Just needs a few tweaks and you can make it perfect!

Fix this plz:)

So I was making an alternate account because my pro account didn’t have internet, for some reason :V. I registered and then logged in with my username and password but it didn’t work.

2.2 not updating

The 2.2 update is here an I was excited about it and there is no update button

Best Game Ever

So I Played the free version when I bested all your games I download the money version even if u want money my waste of money was worth it I Love To Build!! Thank You For The best game ever Thanks. You

Good game and all but nearly no updates

I’ve been playing for about 3 years now and over the time it has ages really well and bad at the same time. For the good levels are better decorated people are getting better and all together it’s still a solid game. But the bad overweight the good this game gets only one update a year or feels like and the community for the game is just absolutely horrible full of toxicity and 6 year olds don’t even get me started on how hard it is to play this game on mobile now as well



Sharks request

Dear rob top can you verify my level plz



Itz Guuud

Itz Guuuuuuuuuuudd!

Lost progress

About 2 to 3 years ago I made an account and beat a ton of levels. My account name is Peterpumpkin and I tried signing in and it let me in but I couldn’t get my data back because it kept saying error I looked up my user name and it said I had everything and my made levels are still there I want my data back.


This game is really cool but all my friends have 2.2 but I still have 2.11. 2.2 really looks cool but somehow I don’t have it! Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru 働いて羅は日曜魔避難 🤩 guess what it means!!!!

Love it!!

Play it almost every day also if you beat it in a day then try the button on the right of the menu screen, theres a lot more levels online! ...So then I updated the review because I found out that the Blast Processing level's second wave part was sometimes flipped, sometimes normal. Please fix this 🙂

Like this game

It’s goodly


Let’s make this short... even my iPhone 6 S can’t handle a lot of recent levels. Optimize a good amount of crap in the background so this game isn’t as laggy, please? This game is extremely addicting though, good job on that.

Please add

Ok so yeah this is my favorite world but you should at a size trigger so you can make the blocks go big and small so please add this btw why do famous peoples levels only featured?? Give the normal players a chance some people don’t even get their levels rated!?!?!?!?!!?!?! Why does this happen I’ve been playing for like 5 months and all of my levels are NA and yes I did verify them and still. And please add multiplayer mode it would be so cool when you can race each other to the end of the level!! And add a global chat please!!!! And please please please please please!!!!! Make it tell you if they are online offline or making a level!!!! Thank you for reading this review bye!!! Btw my nickname is my geometry dash username


I don’t have sound does anybody have that problem to But I used to play this game when I was little and I’m pretty sure that there’s sound besides that this is a addicting game



Uh oh

I have an iPad and I have the full version of geometry dash and for some reason all of the other geometry dashes think I don’t have the full version of geometry dash 🧐🧐🧐

Amazing 😍

So fun and challenging and I love a challenge don’t you?

Geoddas ligmanut

Dis game is pooop I like poop but not dis poop I hate your moms game she smells like propane lil pump be chains my guy be like ha. Why u gotta always luring why u always lying stiff fuugin Lyon!!!!

My Geometry Dash Is Not Working

I would like to bring to your attention that when I logged into your game it was not working and I lost all of my progress.

Best game on app store

This game always gets better. Creators are freakin’ insane.


It will not let me do online levels and LTE does not work WiFi does not work and even resetting my I pad and trying LTE and WiFi still does not work THIS GAME IS GARBAGE!!!


Theres no loading for me i cant play gaunlets online levels daily levels anything that requires internet fix plz!

5 stars

I love this game so much I can’t stop playing

It is very hard

Is very hard on the last level and I can’t even beat the second level it is very very hard don’t get this game I will not get this game again it is a pretty bad game the first level is the only level I can beat if people were talking you cannot concentrate and it’s very very hard it glitches sometimes and it’s pretty bad .

Great game

this is a 10/10 game in my opinion but i can’t figure out how to link all of the other games that they made like sub0 and world plz fix that


This game is really fun because you can make levels!!! I also just beat clutterfunk!!!


This game is great. I play it all the time when I get bored. The soundtracks are amazing. And I haven’t even talked about the custom levels. Where do I start? It is amazing playing other people’s levels with great songs. Not all of them are great but most of them are. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that (since update 2.0) the updates take too long, but 2.2 (as of September 12 2018) is on its way. RobTop is working hard (at least I hope he is) on the update and it will come out soon

Download this game now.

I’m not asking you, I’m telling you! This game is AMZING I’m addicted no joke! I play this game everyday it’s my second favorite game IN THE WORLD. I’ve made a lot of progress and if you have ever considered buying the game, do it. It’s worth the 2 or 3$ (I don’t remember exactly I bought the game a long time ago) that’s all I have to say, plz buy this game it’s so worth it



Where is 2.2

I feel that this is a great game full of great features but 2.2 is taking too long

Best iPhone Game

I’ve been playing this over and over for years and always enjoy coming back.

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