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I love this game but problem

I bought the 500 orb icon at the shop like 3 hours ago until I changed the color of the icon and poof hes gone

This Game Is Awesome

I love this game!!!

Inappropriate report

People are making inappropriate levels on online levels like private parts makers, plz look at the name who made these levels and ban them plz rob top ban them forever, it will be greatly appreciated, ?

Excellent game!!

Geometry dash is an excellent game and was worthy of getting!

Pretty good

It awesome I love it but Im stuck on a super hard level known as cycles otherwise its cool

Amazing game

Geometry dash is one of the best games I have ever played, keep up the good wrk :D

Good but lack of updates

This is probably one of my favorite games I play this all the time

One star

This game sucked when it reset me

Multiplayer Mode is needed

Geometry Dash is great you can play level make friends make levels and much more! But one key thing is needed! Multiplayer Mode! Geometry Dash is a single player game and playing with friends would be awesome otherwise great game RobTop

Game sound doesnt work

Every once in a while the sound doesnt work. It eventually fixes itself but i dont know whats causing it to not work. So far this has happened to me 3 times :/ Pls fix.

Best game I have ever played.

Geometry dash is an amazing game if you want to work on timing, creating or anything else. Geometry dash does have some... weird things here and there but other then that, its great.


This game is amazing!!!! Cant wait for 2.11 and 2.2!!!


This is awesome

More broken than goat simulator


Cool, amazing


Rubrub thanks

I think this is something that we all should say to you at the same time and thats THANKS FOR THE AWESOME GAME YEA!

Favorite game!

Best game ever!

Good game, But

2$! Is way to much money I cant get past half letters plus takes a while to load, Plus it takes a lot ad storage and battery. Over all it is a great game. ????

Very challenging!

It is very hard, but it gives you a challenge if you really need one.


I love this game I think it is my favorite game even though there is a few bugs I only completed 5 demons

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